Fast Estimation of Propagation Constants in Lamellar Gratings Needless of Solving the Eigenvalue Equation

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Fourier-based modal methods are among the most significant tools for accurate numerical analysis of grating structures.‎ However, they mostly lead to time consuming and memory hungry eigenvalue problems, particularly when large dielectric constants or high contrasts are involved.‎ We have found an asymptotic semi-empirical relationship for the propagation constants of a lamellar grating, obtained from Fourier-based modal methods.‎ Hence, given any truncation order, it is possible to estimate propagation constants without having to solve the eigenvalue equation.‎ We observed propagation constants only depend on permittivities, filling factors, and the unit cell size, while the
dependence on the characteristics of the incident wave and the geometry of the grating is minor and negligible.‎

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سه شنبه, ۱۰ ارديبهشت, ۱۳۹۸ - ۰۹
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