Spectroscopy Study of Single-Wall Carbon Nano-Tubes

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The spectroscopy of several kinds of single-wall carbon nanotubes containing pure, functionalized with OH, COOH, and NH2 thin films were studied.‎ The effect of electric filed on the spectroscopy using transparent and conductive Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) thin film was also investigated.‎ We have found that the spectroscopy analysis obtained in this study can be used in fiber optic applications.‎ The attenuation measurements have been done in the wavelength range of 1260-1640 nm for non- amplification, and 1520-1580 nm for optical amplification.‎ The results of a configuration without optical amplification with +10 dBm power of broadband source showed that pure SWNT had 10 dB attenuation and the graph is flat in full band.‎ The electrical filed applied to the SWNT did not have any effect on the spectroscopy.‎ Other types of functionalized SWNT have tilt in attenuation behavior over a wavelength range.‎ When the effect of optical amplification such as Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) with applied a power of +23 dBm was used, an attenuation with linear in amplification band and nonlinear behavior in boundaries of amplification band was observed.‎

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