Protocol for Routing Entanglement in the Quantum Ring Network

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The mechanism of transferring and routing information in quantum and classical network are basically different.‎ The basic idea and working principle of quantum networks is based on a unique feature of quantum mechanics known as entanglement.‎ Since entanglement generation rate is a key factor for quantum networks it can be considered as a route metric.‎ In this paper, we propose two different protocols for local entanglement routing in a quantum ring network.‎ In the first protocol, local link entanglement rate is considered as a route metric.‎ However, the routing decision in the second protocol is made based on finding the shortest path between source and destination.‎ It is shown that though local link entanglement rate is decisive criterion for routing in the first algorithm, the second algorithm can reach higher end-to-end entanglement rate.‎

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دوشنبه, ۲۶ آذر, ۱۳۹۷ - ۱۱
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