Joint Routing and Bandwidth Allocation in Hybrid Software Defined Networks

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Software defined networks (SDN) has gained a lot of attention from both academia and industry recently.‎ SDN is a new networking paradigm that decouples the control plane from the data plane.‎ In this paradigm, control functions are centralized in an SDN controller.‎ The migration from traditional networks to SDN is highly challenging for network operators.‎ Sudden migration may not be possible due to the cost and operational issues.‎ Therefore, incremental deployment of SDN is considered as a viable solution, resulting in the formation of hybrid SDN networks.‎ An important task in hybrid SDN networks is bandwidth allocation and routing considering the coexistence of both conventional and SDN-enabled routers.‎ In this paper, we first formulate this problem as a multi-objective integer program with delay and capacity constraints.‎ Then, a heuristic approach is proposed to combat the computational complexity of the model.‎ Our proposed method is extensively analyzed through simulations, and the evaluation results confirm the effectiveness of our approach.‎

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دوشنبه, ۱۹ آذر, ۱۳۹۷ - ۱۱
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