Performance Analysis of Network Coding-Based Content Delivery in Dual Interface Cellular Networks

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  We consider a group of mobile users, in closed proximity, who are interested in downloading a common content (e.g.‎, a video file).‎ We address a cooperative solution where each mobile device is equipped with both cellular and Wi-Fi interfaces.‎ The users exploit the cellular link to download different shares of the content from the based-station and leverage on Wi-Fi link to exchange the received data.‎ In order to expedite content delivery, the base-station transmits random linear network-coded data to users.‎ This paper presents an analytical study of the average completion time, i.e.‎, the time necessary for all devices to successfully retrieve the data.‎ We propose an analytical model to address the effect of random access MAC as well as the correlation among the received coded packets on the performance of content delivery.‎ In our model, a p-persistent carrier sense multiple access approximation for IEEE 802.‎11 MAC is considered.‎ We also derive the probability of a newly received packet to be innovative, where the coding coefficients are selected randomly and uniformly from GF(q).‎ Our simulations confirms the theoretical analysis

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پنجشنبه, ۲۳ فروردين, ۱۳۹۷ - ۱۰
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