Millimeter-Wave MIMO Balanced Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna Design for Autonomous Cars

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This paper introduces a millimeter-wave multipleinput-multiple-output (MIMO) antenna for autonomous (selfdriving) cars.‎ The antenna is a modified four-port balanced antipodal Vivaldi which produces four directional beams and provides pattern diversity to cover 90 deg angle of view.‎ By using four antennas of this kind on four corners of the car’s bumper, it is possible to have a full 360 deg view around the car.‎ The designed antenna is simulated by two commercially full-wave packages and the results indicate that the proposed method can successfully bring the required 90 deg angle of view

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سه شنبه, ۲۹ خرداد, ۱۳۹۷ - ۰۸
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