Analysis and Experiment of Equilateral Triangular Uniaxial-Anisotropic Dielectric Resonator Antennas

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The design procedure of a uniaxial anisotropic equilateral triangular dielectric resonator antenna (ETDRA) is presented for the first time.‎ The uniaxial material is realized by a periodic stack of sheets of two dissimilar materials with different dielectric constants.‎ It is proven that increase of the boresight gain and impedance bandwidth of the ETDRA is possible by using the uniaxial material for the antenna prism.‎ The gain improvement is due to the increase in the sidewall radiations and the bandwidth enhancement is owing to the lowering of the effective permittivity of the structure.‎ The fabricated anisotropic ETDRA offers an impedance bandwidth of 27.‎7% between 3.‎025 GHZ and 4 GHz with a measured gain above 8 dB.‎ The simulation results agree well with the experimental ones.‎

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