Multi-feed Reflector Antenna Design using RADS

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A multi-feed offset parabolic reflector antenna is designed to achieve contour beam for satellite applications.‎ The design is performed using Reflector Antenna Design Software (RADS), a multiobjective package for realizing shaped beams.‎ The synthesis procedure is briefly explained.‎ A multi-feed reflector antenna is then designed to attain Iran geographic coverage.‎ The goal is to obtain a uniform coverage as well as the maximum gain over the contour.‎ Genetic algorithm (GA) is used to determine the excitation coefficients of array elements.‎ Examining the gain values shows that the gain deviation is less than 1dB over the contour.‎

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يكشنبه, ۱۱ آذر, ۱۳۹۷ - ۱۱
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