Design optimization of NZDSF for low latency in iot optical fiber network

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Due to ever–increasing demands for optical fibers with low–latency used in IoT optical fiber networks, in this theoretical study, a non–zero dispersion shifted fiber (NZDSF) with a particular refractive index which had a minimum latency at 1352 nm is designed.‎ In comparison to a commercial NZDSF, the latency has improved by 0.‎002ìs in the designed NZDSF with an effective area of 102 and macro bending loss of 517.‎3 /110−×dBkm.‎ The dispersion of this fiber is found to be 1.‎10625ps/ which is comparable to the commercial NZDSF fiber.‎
We have designed an optical fiber network used in IoT in order to evaluate the quality of the received signals from 50 km of our designed NZDSF fiber.‎ The results have shown that without using optical amplifier and DCF, the quality factor and minimum bit–error rate are obtained as 8.‎17 and 1610−, respectively.‎

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دوشنبه, ۱۶ مهر, ۱۳۹۷ - ۱۰
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