A review on the designed low–loss single–mode optical fiber used in fiber–to–the–home networks

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data at a maximum level.‎ In order to achieve this technology, fibers with the lowest bending and splice losses are required.‎ In this paper, the losses of bending and splice joints in single mode optical fibers have been reviewed with a variety of designs, including holey fibers, nanoscale optical fibers, and microstructured optical fibers.‎ By comparing the losses of these fibers, we chose the best fiber with the lowest losses in designing FTTH that is used for two purposes of reducing costs and improving optical network performances.‎ These fibers have advantages such as low bending radius, wavelength and mode field diameter, which can be effective in minimizing bending losses.‎

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جمعه, ۱ تير, ۱۳۹۷ - ۱۰
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