Mohammad Khansari appointed to the head of The Research Institute for ICT

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The decree said: "The Honorable Dr.‎ Mohammad Khansari, In view of your competence and valuable experience in research and management, I hereby appoint you as the ‘head of Iran Telecom Research Center and the Research Institute for ICT Centre’ in accordance with Article 8 of the Statute of Iran Telecom Research Center and the Research Institute for ICT and with respect to the approval of the Honorable Minister of Science, Research and Technology.‎ You are expected to begin your activities by implementing targeted research in the field of communications, information technology, in order to achieve the objectives of the Fifth Development Plan and Vision Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the 1404, by taking into account the following topics,

Developing research and improving technology, to raise the status of Iran Telecommunication Research Center to the level of a center for international studies;‎
providing targeted support for basic research in universities and research centers, in line with the scientific development of the country in accordance with the comprehensive map of the country and active collaboration with universities, industry and telecommunications;‎
supporting the development of research and technology in the private sector, as well as the commercialization of research results, in line with the development programs in telecommunications and technology of the country;‎
Planning to institutionalize telecommunications and IT in the country based on local technology and national capacities with a self-sufficiency approach and an attempt to use the maximum local engineering;‎
ensuring the effective participation in international scientific and research activities to introduce capacities of the Islamic Iran;‎
directing research activities to meet the operational requirements of the technical departments of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology;‎ and
planning to recruit elite graduates of the country in related fields to maintain the elite of the country;‎ and collaborating with and attracting Iranian elite and scholars abroad.‎"

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