MoU between the Research Institutes

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MoU between the Research Institutes

The memorandum of understanding was signed today on February 23, 1392 at a meeting that was held with the presence of Mr.‎ Khosravi, the Deputy Minister and CEO of the TIC, along with deputies and managers of the company, as well as the Honorable Dr.‎ Khansari, head of the Research Institute for ICTI, along with deputies and heads of the Institute.‎

According to the report, the central role of the Research Institute for ICT in meeting the research and consulting needs of the TIC was stressed at the meeting, and a joint memorandum was signed to start future cooperation.‎ In addition, it was decided that cooperation agreements would be signed soon during the expert meetings.‎

It should be noted that the MoU above include the following cases: "counseling and monitoring of data transmission network development project (TADBIR 1), design and consulting to create a national broadband data network and infrastructure traffic exchange centers (IP/MPLS2-IXP) (OMID 1), analysis and development of strategy for @future switch network of the TIC, the provision of practical solutions for optimizing bandwidth consumption of Internet services in the country's infrastructure, future study in the field of information technology and its impact on web and network technologies in the working areas of the company, counseling in reviewing the design of national data center and monitoring of its implementation and the design of the company's data centers, advising on the design and launch of content distribution networks (CDN) in the field of infrastructure, design, construction and implementation of the industrial model of DWDM system with ROADM capability, development of comprehensive plans in the areas necessary for the company, the feasibility and development of strategy for the migration of TIC services to cloud computing platform.‎"

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