The RICT's head speaks at the Annual Meeting of the IEEE Iran Section

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Dr.‎ Mahmoud Fotouhi Firoozabad as chairman of the IEEE Iran Section, and Dr.‎ Mohammad Khansari as sponsor representative of the conference and chairman of the IEEE Region 8 spoke at the meeting, which was held today May 31 at the International Conference Center of Abu-Reihan Birooni Amphitheater of Shahid Beheshti University.‎

According to the report, at the meeting, Dr.‎ Khansari announced the continued support of the RICT of the IEEE Iran Section in the future, and highlighted the leading role of the Research Institute in promoting research and development of ICT in the country as the main reason for supporting activities on electrical and electronic engineering.‎ "We strongly believe that the field of electrical engineering can be best expressed in ICT, and that therefore any investment in innovation and practical experience in various branches of the technology could be useful to our research and scientific community," said he.‎

"According to the reasons mentioned above, our center has deeply recognized that the support of university for the establishment of student committees and workgroups in various ICT branches and simultaneous support of national festivals in this area can contribute significantly to the development of this technology.‎ Thus, we now have a national festival called ICT, which is annually held by the Ministry of ICT, as well as the bi-annual International IST Conference, which is organized in our center;‎ and the Research Institute is proud to help Iranian scientific associations regarding the organization of conferences and forums in the field of related activities," added he.‎

"Due to the recent advances in the country's scientific community, especially in the fields of science and engineering, I sincerely hope that IEEE will once again expand its cooperation with the scientific community in Iran, which can eventually lead users to access the IEEE Xplore Library at high levels," continued Dr.‎ Khansari.‎

It should be noted that the reports of the Committee on Industrial Relations, the Committee of Professional Societies, the Awards Committee, and the Committee on Women in Engineering were then presented in this meeting.‎

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