Circuit-Driven Design of Polarizing Meta surfaces and Applications to Multi-Beam Reflect arrays and Wide-Angle-Scanning Phased Arrays for Next-Generation Communications Systems

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The talk revolves around an advanced radiating electromagnetic surface, while emphasizing on its application to an emerging class of Ka-band satellites.‎ A dual-circular-polarization reflect array is demonstrated which generates two independent beams, based on the polarization state of the incident field.‎ To form the structure, a low-profile polarizer, which converts circularly polarized (CP) waves into linearly polarized (LP) waves, is cascaded with a typical dual-linear-polarization (DLP) reflect array.‎ The cascading is performed so as to suppress any unfavorable mutual coupling or reverberation.‎ This systematic arrangement enables the structure to receive two right-hand and left-hand CP waves, for instance from one dual-CP horn, and direct them in two arbitrary directions, which could be controlled by the adjustment of the reflect array unit cell.‎ The proposed reflect array could also be viewed as a new class of met surfaces, which can simultaneously manipulate the polarization state of the incident waves and the phase-profile on the aperture.‎ In addition to the operational principles, the talk will include an overview of the multiple-beam antenna concept for multi-gigabit satellite links.‎ In this context, the capability of the proposed reflect array as a low-cost solution to some of the fundamental challenges is highlighted.‎ On the final part of the talk, the speaker will also discuss some of the challenges of achieving an ad-hoc CP polarizer for wide-angle-scanning phased antenna arrays, as part of a project currently underway in conjunction with a leading industrial partner.‎

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