Islamic Discourses in the Digital Age: Opportunities, Challenges and Future Prospects

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The introduction of the Internet in the Muslim world imposed new realities and invited new dynamics, whether in the political, social, cultural or communication landscapes.‎ It also opened the door for many new opportunities, posed new threats and invited future prospects.‎ This makes it especially important to tackle the complexities and implications of this new digital age, with all its multi-faceted dimensions.‎  It also necessitates discussing some of the most important debates, controversies, and deliberations being shared and exchanged between different groups of Muslims, as well as between Muslims and non-Muslims in cyberspace today, in an attempt to analyze the myriad of complex factors which could be conducive, or constraining, to digital dialogue.‎ In this context, it is also important to ask important questions, such as: How is the Internet contributing to shaping and redefining the notion of the "Cyber Umma" or the "Virtual Umma?‎" How is it providing new platforms for Muslims to see "Others," and to be seen by "Others," simultaneously?‎ How is it contributing ؟to the creation of new "Islamic Public Spheres?‎" What set of opportunities, options, complexities, and challenges come along with these new phenomena?‎ And what are the future trajectories, prospects, and implications of these new digital interactions in the Muslim world


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